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Roper Lake State Park

After a long day of driving or hiking, the natural hot springs at Roper Lake State Park in AZ are inviting and invigorating. Enjoy desert vegetation, an accessible fishing dock, and stunning views of Mount Graham. Roper Lake is stocked with Largemouth bass and Rainbow trout; it’s a great place for kids to catch their first fish. Boats are limited to small electric motors, creating ideal conditions for a sail board or a canoe. Enjoy five miles of trails in the park. Three miles south of the park is sub-unit Dankworth Pond. . Dankworth Pond is a relaxing, peaceful haven where you can enjoy excellent birdwatching and the stillness of nature. You may even glimpse Gamble’s quail or heron. Roper Lake has 30 lake surface acres, a boat ramp, natural stone hot tub, a swimming beach, a day use island with picnic tables and grills, camping cabins, and campgrounds. Reservations are available for camping cabins and select campsites.

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